Patrick Lichty


Having taught three Senior Capstone courses, the work tends to be very divergent in terms of form and content.  The most significant/relevant work is that from the Capstone classes at University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee (2014-15). Most of that work is comprised of environmental installation using computer vision and the MAX/MSP environment or video-based device art using Arduinos.  Most of this work is very glitchy and noisy, as I like to challenge the students with the work of the Dadas, Futurists, and Surrealists.

Above is Mike Hodsinski's Ma, an interactive glitch installation in homage to the work of Ryoji Ikeda that tracks persons in the environment and abstracts their presence to very base forms, clicks, and pops. 

Below are links to some senior projects:
Hodzinski's mA:
Cristina Ossers "Two Missed Calls"
Charlie O'Connell's ReCollection
Sam Lastrapes' "Molecular Machine Music"