Patrick Lichty


(ceci n'est pas une iPod)

open edition


Valise in an iPod follows after Duchamp's Readymade mini-museum, "Box in Valise" ( 1935-41 ). Valise in an iPod plays with the tension between the mass object and the reproducibility of the digital object, the promotional nature of consumer branding and the identity of the personal deice, as well as many other issues.


Valise in an iPod also plays with the duchampian model by ascribing the double entendre "ceci nest pas une iPod" (This is not an iPod) to Magritte's seminal painting, and Duchamp's repurposing of readymade paintings, such as L.H.O.Q.Q. Therevore Valise in an iPodis a Readymade for the digital generation, "Ready-Made, Ready to Go."


Each laser-etched Valise in an iPod comes with a selection of images and video by Lichty, as well as Duchampian RotoAnimations on each one. Each comes with a AV cable, and special editions come with a seminal edition of an exclusive Valise cover, "Wayward Pixel"