Patrick Lichty


RTMark/The Yes Men - (1996-, Animation, Graphics, Writing)
In 1996, I sent samples of Haymarket RIOT video to two emerging artists, Igor Vamos and Jacques Servin, who were creating an anti-corporate tactical media group called RTMark.  On seeing it, they asked me to join. RTMark was responsible for subversive media projects such as the Barbie Liberation Organization, the SimCopter Hack, and others.  Eventually RTMark was invited to the Whitney Biennial and was awarded a Herb Alpert/Calarts Award

However, RTMark fake website projects and spawned the next generation of projects under the name The Yes Men.  I would work closely with the project until 2004 when I went to graduate school, where I continue to do 3D animation for the group, as I do today.