Patrick Lichty


Haymarket RIOT videos (1994-)

From 1990-1995, sociologist Jonathon Epstein and I had been creating critical graphic art based on the writings of Postmodern theorists like Baudrillard, Virilio, Kellner, Deleuze, and Guattair, to name a few.


In 1994, Jon was teaching a class in postmodern social theory, and was having difficulty articulating ideas in the frequently dense texts to his students. "What does hyperreality look like, and how do I tell my students about it?", he asked. I replied, "Just turn on MTV. It;s right there."


From that, I have been animating videos to soundtracks of our band haymarket RIOT that can best be described as "Postmodern Schoolhouse Rock" that deal with critical theoretical issues in context with contemporary media culture.  These would become the basis for RTMark, Yes Men, and Gumbo Rica animations.


These have involved series including WEB, MACHINE, and CONVERGENCE.