Patrick Lichty


Videobjects (2005- Arduino driven Video Art)


The Videobjects are a series of self-contained video works which utilize single-chip microcomputers and dedicated video boards. the Videobjects challenge the idea of New Media as a platform-specific (i.e. desktop or laptop)-driven form of artwork, and are informed by Machiko Kusahara's notion of Device Art and the need for plug-and-play New Media.


The Videobjects can display sound and graphics, but are very limited in their resolution. This is part of my concept of aesthetic of Digital Minimalism. The low-resolution of each of the Videobject installations refer to a historical era of personal computing, even one before that of contemporary "Retro" digital genres.


Furthermore, the Videobjects are versatile, as they can be displayed as stand-alone objects, or can be used to drive large-format projections. In this way, a Videobject is not merely the chip and hardware, it is the conceptual field of the computed video in the space allotted for it.

Extant Videobjects:

Snofall (2005) - Formal piece with endless rain of rectangular pixels.

DNA Generator for the Generation of Unspecified Monsters (2005) - This work creates endless strings of proteins for the random generation of DNA.

Contextual Art Simulator (2005) - Takes physical information about the environment through sensors and shows it as nonsensical data.


Contextual Art Simulator

              DNA Generator