Patrick Lichty


Patrick Lichty’s CodePortraits reference Andy Warhol’s 1960s screentests; short videos of visitors to his Factory who were considered to have ‘star qualities’. Lichty’s screentests build a catalogue of friends, colleagues and artists he has met and worked with in Second Life and collectively they form a kind of self-portrait of Lichty’s life in the virtual realm. Similar to reminiscences prompted by a personal photo album, Lichty recalls stories about the circumstances surrounding the capture of each montage. In CodePortraits we can extract these representations from their native environment via Quick Response codes which enable us to watch his archive of footage on our own mobile devices. Viewing these videos on a portable device, that can be played anywhere, at any time, reminds us of the photographs of loved ones and family that we may keep in our wallets, or the earlier tradition of the cameo. In this way Lichty’s CodePortraits become metaphor for recognition; of the human tendency to identify with faces, be they real or virtual.