Cera/Kildall’s Duchamp Readymake Chess set (at least the Red side)

I knew about Scott’s obsession with Marcel Duchamp’s obsession with chess (Duchamp appeared to just go off and play chess for the 20 years he was making The Illuminating Gas).  The interesting thing is that he had a custom made chess set that was lost to antiquity.  Here is the original set.

Lost to history, this was Duchamp's favorite chess set.
Lost to history, this was Duchamp’s favorite chess set.

However, my friends Bryan Cera (Milwaukee) and Scott Kildall (SanFrancisco) reconstructed the set as a set of objects for downloads on the DIY 3D Printer site, Thingiverse,  This project was part of Scott’s residency at the Autodesk labs, and Tom Burtonwood, Pete Prodoehl, Patrick Lichty, Frankie Flood and Michael Ang printed them pout in a variety of materials, with Frankie recasting them in BRONZE (I wanted to, but he had better access to the foundry,)

Another interesting thing is that on a Replicator 2 with PLA, the 89-degree cuts did not “spaghettti/overshoot” too badly.  Thanks, guys for the opportunity to be part of this great project.  Here is my red set, hope you like it.

Made with PLA on a Replicator 2.
Made with PLA on a Replicator 2.

And a look at the spaghetti.
Chess Materiality

Here’s the link to the set, in case you want to print it.


Gemma Earring Project

This week, Michele Preysler and I finished our first collaboration, a variation on Becky Stern’s Gemma-based earrings from the Adafruit.com site.  I modified the programming slightly to generate different patterns, and Michele did the metal and floral work.  Next thoughts are a possible fiber optic shawl or large neckpiece using the Adafruit large-scale Neopixel LED rings.

Gemma Earrings for Waldorf School Auction
Gemma Earrings for Waldorf School Auction